Saturday, October 16, 2021


Acer Bloodgood :

Shrugged + Nextwave

The voices in your head take on a new meaning for Shrugged’s Theo, whose inner angels and demons really are trying to get out to take over the world! Following Aspen Comics’s angel and demon romp also comes Marvel’s Nextwave, a “super-hero team book as Attention Deficit Disorder Anime.”



Teen-aged Theo has more than the usual compliment of little voices in his head pulling him in different directions. Taking the idea of angels and devils whispering guidance into our ears a few steps further, Shrugged posits a world where those angels and devils want out. They live in a parallel world called Perspecta, and have plans to invade our own world with Theo as the linchpin.

From members of the creative team behind Aspen Comics’s Soulfire, Shrugged plots an ambitious, metaphysical course with vibrant, colorful artwork and spunky teen-age protagonists. A fiery she-devil in sexy red leather and her minion of charged-up Mafioso-styled demons make the bad guys seem like more fun than the good guys.






Next Wave

Writer/creator Warren Ellis aptly described Nextwave as a “super-hero team book as Attention Deficit Disorder Anime.” Mixing D-list Marvel heroes like Machine Man and Photon (formerly Captain Marvel) with an especially aggro Nick Fury parody named Dirk Anger, Ellis exercises his well-known low regard for the super-hero idiom while also bending the genre to suit his purposes.

Salted with quippy dialog and mild political parody, Nextwave’s assertively over-the-top destruction/explosion antics come with a parental advisory notice even though the venerable Fin Fang Foom’s still got his purple underpants on.

Look for Ellis to squeeze in some subtle character development between the laughs and enjoy Stuart Immonen’s bold illustration.









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