Saturday, October 16, 2021

Acer Bloodgood:


A Sketchbook showcasing Juan Gimenez’s black and white and pencil talent and a second artbook featuring French cheesecake illustrator Denis Sire. This review brings together two very different European sensibilities under the common denominator of beautiful, dynamically rendered artwork.


Juan Gimenez Sketchbook

1980s-era Heavy Metal and Metabarons illustrator Juan Gimenez’ 88-page sketchbook features mostly science fiction work with lots of aliens, alien worlds, space ships and futuristic technology.

There are several color pages and panels, but most of the book deals with finished pencil work and complex sketches. A complete reference list on the dusk jacket indexes the included work which ranges from the 1980s to 2005.

In addition to many selections from Metabarons, this volume features material from various film development projects, toy designs, and Spanish magazine illustration.









Denis Sire

In addition to hundreds of color illustrations, this 88-page sketchbook from French cheesecake illustrator Denis Sire includes lengthy autobiographical information and extensive ruminations about French and European illustration and pin-up art as those forms have evolved over time. Sexy and suggestive, full of passion and light, Sire’s female forms veer between heavy breasted seductresses and glorious angels of light.

Beautifully stylized renditions of European motorcycles, cars and WWII vintage air planes add additional manly interest to this hardcover retrospective volume. Sire eschews the use of India ink in favor of adding color directly without black outlines. The result produces uncommonly atmospheric and luminous eye candy that is pleasurable to gaze at for hours.

Acer Bloodgood is the pen name of a longtime ComicBase writer acquired from a family of maple trees. There is some worry that this sobriquet is “too goth-weenie.” For the record, Acer grew up in California’s suburban sprawl and now lives in San Francisco where he whiles the nights away in dingy dive bars. He drinks whisky with seltzer and lemon.

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