Saturday, October 16, 2021

Acer Bloodgood:


30 previously unpublished stories are brought to the U.S. with the Singapore’s Greatest Comics collection, which run from manga to goth and even cartoons in-between. Then, Xeric winner Albert Benjamin Thompson’s Husk is a typical study in despair.

Singapore’s Greatest Comics

A wide-ranging survey of comic book styles from Singapore and southeast Asia, the 30 previously unpublished stories in this anthology run the gamut from manga antics to goth gloom and super-hero adventures to anthropomorphic animal cartoons.

This 194 page, black and white import was published by Century Comics in association with Nice One Entertainment. A few stories stand out, including a lighthearted manga about a couple of troublemaking fairies called The Magical MissAdventures of Li’l Jing by Ken Choon Wee and Jerry Hinds, and Aizat Rosli’s Necrominions about a twin brother and sister pair who hunt and kill zombies in a desert wasteland.


Self-taught artist and Xeric winner Albert Benjamin Thompson’s Husk presents an intriguing assortment of poetic prose, sequential art and pin-up illustration characterized by abstraction, surrealism, odd humor and existential pain. Mostly pen and ink work, Husk juxtaposes finely detailed landscapes of desolation with comical stories about the lost and confused.

While the emotional range doesn’t vary much from angst and despair, and the visual style reinforces a sense of futility and hopelessness, Husk manages to avoid monotony and depression with sly wit and a flair for irreverence.

Acer Bloodgood is the pen name of a longtime ComicBase writer acquired from a family of maple trees. There is some worry that this sobriquet is “too goth-weenie.” For the record, Acer grew up in California’s suburban sprawl and now lives in San Francisco where he whiles the nights away in dingy dive bars. He drinks whisky with seltzer and lemon.

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