Saturday, October 16, 2021

Acer Bloodgood:


Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man + Spider-Man Special: Black and Blue and Red All Over

Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man

Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, and Fred Hembeck each write an original back-up story for this volume that reprints Amazing Spider-Man #87 wherein the hero, in the grip of a nasty flu bug, unmasks himself to Gwen Stacy and her dad.

It seems unlikely that Stan Lee hasn’t met Spider-Man at least once before considering the popularity of the ironic, referential back-ups Lee wrote for so many Marvel titles back in the 1960s. In this volume, readers will particularly enjoy visiting Lee’s hepcat bachelor pad and his sardonic wit. Lee casts himself fittingly in the role of the cookie-baking Oracle from the Matrix movies who kindly explains the nature of things to Spider-Man.

Whedon and Hembeck riff in their own inimitable styles on the fandom and mayhem imparted to us these many years by Lee’s brilliant legacy.

Spider-Man Special: Black and Blue and Red All Over

This sentimental one-off plays on that memorable scene from the Spiderman 2 movie where the subway riders pass the battered, bedraggled Spider-Man over their heads to safety after he put his life on the line to stop their runaway subway car. But instead of an action-packed battle royale against Doctor Octopus, this story’s inward-looking, battle-free narrative uses Spidey’s complicated relationship with J. Jonah Jameson to drive the point home that Spider-Man is New York City’s hero, not its villain.

That’s the first 22 pages of the book. Also included is a full-color reprint of the Ditko/Lee Amazing Spider-Man #12 (including the cover) where, appropriately, Doctor Octopus unmasks Spider-Man in front of Jameson and the police but no one can accept the fact that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

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