Saturday, October 16, 2021

Acer Bloodgood:


Umbra + Suprema


Running on anti-anxiety pills and booze, chain-smoking Icelandic police intern Askja discovers the skeleton of a Neanderthal female in a Benetton fleece shot by a Soviet-era handgun in glacier cave. Add in some extinct penguins and a lesbian cop love interest and you’ve got Umbra, the three issue limited series from Image Comics written and created by someone named Murphy and illustrated by Mike Hawthorne (Queen & Country, Machine Teen).

Engaging and original, Umbra merits attention from sophisticated readers interested in funny, inspired mystery books.


This preview for the Liefeld project Supreme Sacrifice finds the self-declared maid of majesty Suprema flying through the sky minding her own business when she’s suddenly confronted violently by a bunch of Supremes and Supremas from other dimensions who seek to enlist her in the mysterious Supreme Sacrifice. The question is whether Suprema will submit or be destroyed.

Another preview in the same issue features a short Supreme story written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Jon Maslin wherein the man-god practically has a nervous breakdown fighting the forces of Supreme Sacrifice.

Acer Bloodgood is the pen name of a longtime ComicBase writer acquired from a family of maple trees. There is some worry that this sobriquet is “too goth-weenie.” For the record, Acer grew up in California’s suburban sprawl and now lives in San Francisco where he whiles the nights away in dingy dive bars. He drinks whisky with seltzer and lemon.

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