Saturday, October 16, 2021

Acer Bloodgood:

Touch (Narwain) + Kilroy Is Here (Image)

Touch (Narwain)

Reverend Chuck is a Tennessee preacher man with faith healing powers. The cops think he’s a con man and they’ve got evidence to prove it, but the Reverend has his followers, and the combination of conflicting agendas generates narrative tension in Dario Maria Gulli’s three-issue limited series Touch.

Illustrator Wellington Dias’ five-panel pages move the pace along a little too briskly to generate much suspense and Gulli’s story elevates plot over strong characterization. Noirish elements blend with hints of the supernatural to help make this book engaging despite some missed opportunities.

Kilroy is Here (Image)

Joe Pruett’s Kilroy, an enigmatic immortal with a ponytail and trench coat, finds himself drawn to scenes of violence and inhumanity. For the most part, Kilroy arrives in the aftermath of some terrible event—wars, beatings, murders—bent on a mission of revenge or redemption. Pruett’s vagueness about Kilroy’s origins make it hard to fathom the character’s motivations, much less the scope of his duty. For best results, sample randomly from the dozens of stories included in this 304-page tome.

Acer Bloodgood is the pen name of a longtime ComicBase writer acquired from a family of maple trees. There is some worry that this sobriquet is “too goth-weenie.” For the record, Acer grew up in California’s suburban sprawl and now lives in San Francisco where he whiles the nights away in dingy dive bars. He drinks whisky with seltzer and lemon.

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