Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Acer Bloodgood :

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About the Writer

Acer Bloodgood is the pen name of a longtime ComicBase writer acquired from a family of maple trees. There is some worry that this sobriquet is “too goth-weenie.”

For the record, Acer grew up in California’s suburban sprawl and now lives in San Francisco where he whiles the nights away in dingy dive bars. He drinks whisky with seltzer and lemon.

Acer Bloodgood Archive

4/2/07 Touch (Narwain) + Kilroy Is Here (Image)

3/21/07 Umbra + Suprema

3/15/07 Untold Tales of the New Universe: Justice + Rokkin

2/22/07 The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Fun-filled Frightfest + Ursa Minors

2/14/07 Tyler Kirkham 2006 Sketchbook + Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways

2/07/07 Bomb Queen II, Queen of Hearts + Project Eon

1/31/07 Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man

1/15/07 Singapore’s Greatest Comics + Husk

12/20/06 The Interman + Fiends of the Eastern Front

12/08/06 Juan Gimenez Sketchbook + Denis Sire

11/27/06 Sherree’s Secret

11/16/08 In the Hands of Boys

11/07/06 Gargoyles + Saint, a Graphic Introduction

10/26/06 Screwtooth + Occult Crimes Task Force

10/16/06 Deogratias + Sunset City

10/02/06 Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! + Love and Capes

9/07/06 Untold Tales From the New Universe: Nightmask + Tales From a Forgotten Planet

8/30/06 Ultimate Extinction + Last Planet Standing

8/08/06 Shrugged + Nextwave

6/29/06 Journey Into Misery + Byron: Mad, Bad, and Dangerous

6/15/06 Masters of Horror + Mr. Monster

6/08/06 Conan: Book of Thoth + Spike vs. Dracula

5/29/06 Skizz

5/18/06 Miss: Better Living Through Crime