Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Jennifer McGinnis:

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Lightning Lady

Lightning Lady

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Genre: Super-heroes, Comedy

Lightning Lady collects stories from the ongoing, daily comic strip Greystone Inn by Brad Guigar, focusing on one romantic story-line in particular. Lightning Lady is an on-again-off-again super-villain who can quit committing major crimes but can’t seem to get the nuances of good and evil in everyday life. Her boyfriend, the comedian Keagan Newbourne, worries about her understanding of normal society and attempts to educate her, only to have a relationship-ending fight.

Though Keagan has moved on, Lightning Lady decides to see if there was anything to what he had to say, and joins a twelve-step evil-a-holic program in an effort to clean up her life for good. In the process, she meets a new man and learns to open her heart to the possibility of a good life.

Jennifer grew up in an almost-rural part of California and is currently living in the metropolis of Portland. She knows how to fish without bait, find magnetic north, shoot a bow and arrow, and slaughter small animals, but very rarely does any of it.

Jennifer’s favorite comics include PS 238, She-Hulk, Usagi Yojimbo, Fables, and Impulse.

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