July 2014
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Atomic Avenue Overhaul

Huge update aids comics shoppers!

We've been doing some "road construction" on Atomic Avenue, our website for buying and selling comics, and a massive update was pushed out in late June. An upgraded, aggressive search engine aids buyers by working with a given seller's inventory once a search is underway, so that they can minimize shipping costs by finding more comics in a given run, similar items that a given seller is offering, and more. New genre divisions, sale graphics, and more also help buyers find the comics they want with just a few clicks.

Among the new selling options are such notices as:

$1 Comics: Comics for $1 or less

New Arrivals: Comics that have been recently posted to an online store for the first time

On Sale: Comics priced at 10% or less than the current guide price

Blowouts: Comics priced at 50% or less than the current guide price

With the new storefronts and other options, ComicBase founder Pete Bickford said, "It's bargain shopping made easy!"

Check out all the new features at Atomic Avenue and see what your favorite seller is offering.

Comic-Con’s a’comin’!

Comic-Con International: San Diego is almost upon us and the ComicBase crew will be in its familiar spot at booth #1314 under the giant inflatable Atomic Avenue rocket ship.

What will you find there?

• News!

• Previews!

• Technical assistance!

• Show specials on copies of ComicBase and our DX Laser Scanner.

And, don't forget to mark your calendar for Thursday, July 24, from 3 to 4 p.m., when we'll have our annual User's Group Meeting in Room 29A. ComicBase Founder Pete Bickford will share a number of nifty tricks and tips for both ComicBase and Atomic Avenue, plus an exclusive preview of ComicBase 2015 that you won't find anywhere else. There's always a surprise or two at the meeting, so don't miss it.

Make sure to stop by the booth during the show and let the guys see your coolest finds from the show floor. You can even find out those newly purchased comics' current values and grade them with one of the computers we have demonstrating ComicBase throughout the show.

Comics Conundrums: Eroding metal?

As this installment of ComicBase Confidential was being written, the Midwest's largest car show was wrapping up in Iola, Wis., where Editor Brent Frankenhoff lives. Now in its 42nd year, the Iola Old Car Show draws in nearly as many attendees over its four days as Comic-Con International: San Diego does; however, they're spread over a much larger area—300 acres as compared to the San Diego Convention Center's 12 to 14. The lines of traffic moving in and out of town each day are comparable to those in downtown San Diego, but Iola is a small central Wisconsin village with a population of 1,200.

What's all this got to do with a Comics Conundrum? All that steel, iron, chrome, and other metals brought to mind DC's Metal Men and the dilemma poor Platinum faced in Metal Men #1 (May 63), where the robotic leader of the Missile Men saw the lovely female robot and declared that she would be his queen. Her response? "No -- No -- I'd rather erode!"

Kind of a strange response for a metal, don't you think? Most metals either rust or melt, while erosion affects soil or rocks. Of course, all the old car buffs visiting Iola (or other car shows) enjoy restoring hunks of rusty metal or admiring others' results. What would they think of an eroded classic car?

Market Trends

Aliens seem to be on the radar of a number of comics buyers as three Aliens-related comics are in Atomic Avenue's Top 5 in early July.

Aliens (Vol. 2) #1 (Aug 89) and #4 (May 90) were both on the move, with #1, whose Near Mint value is $2.25, having Near Mint asking prices ranging between 75¢ and $6. Aliens (Vol. 2) #4, whose Near Mint value is $1.25, had Near Mint asking prices ranging from 50¢ to $3.50

Dark Horse Presents #36/A (Oct 89), which features an Aliens vs. Predator cover and story, had 25 copies available with prices ranging from 50¢ to $3. The current Near Mint value on the issue is $1.75.

A number of sellers on Atomic Avenue had sales on X-Men (2nd series) #4 (Jan 92), with the first appearance of Omega Red. Near Mint asking prices ranged from $1.38 to $9.99 for a comic book whose Near Mint value is $3.50. As with other comics of that era, keep in mind that the high-grade supply often far outstrips demand.

ComicBase Confidential

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