Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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Family Bones + The Lifer


Sean is a rebellious teen from the city, sent to his aunt and uncle’s farm for the summer. His parents are having problems, and this way they can sort out their marriage and Sean can have a little country vacation. Sigh. But it never turns out that way, does it?

In reality, Sean’s mom is a neurotic dysfunctional, and she’s healthy compared to the rest of the family. Uncle Ray is a violent sociopath and Aunt Faye is a weak-willed enabler. Each day Sean is forced to labor in the fields, with little food an lots of healthy Midwestern discipline. And then the bodies start turning up…

Family Bones is based on the story of serial killers Ray and Faye Copeland, the oldest American couple to be sentenced to death. Here, writer Shawn Granger, the real-life nephew of the couple, tells his side of the tale.


The Lifer is a Greek comic strip translated into English and presented to North American audiences. The strip has certainly carved out a niche in comics by being like nothing else on the market. Sentenced to 622 years in solitary, the Lifer reflects on the darkest of black humor while sitting endlessly in his dank cell. Along for the ride in this den of striped clothes, bad food and long stretches of boredom is the mordant Montecristo, a disgusting rat with a foul mouth and a taste for sarcasm. No bad day can’t be made worse by Montecristo’s acerbic observations.

Bleak, depressing, and devoid of hope, The Lifer may yet convince you that maybe your life isn’t so bad.

Jerry Smith is a writer, video producer and sales rep living in the wilds of Burlington, KY. His parents bought him a few comics to page through at age four and he’s never looked back. Even after discovering girls. According to ComicBase, his collection today is pushing 20,000 books, with additions every week. A lover of the hobby and the entire comics medium, Jerry still feels that every Wednesday is like Christmas. Thoughts and comments are always welcome at

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