Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason


Genre: Horror

Afghanistan, 1997—While touring the world, longtime lovers Wesley Dodds (alias the masked crimebuster Sandman) and Dian Belmont are separated by Dian’s kidnapping. Afghan terrorists seize Dian, injure Wesley and demand five million American dollars for her return.

Afghanistan, 2007—Embedded photojournalist Kieran Marshall is on assignment in Afghanistan. He’s looking to land the ultimate interview with Masad, the region’s most powerful terrorist. When Masad accepts, it begins a chain of events that may just end with Marshall becoming the new Sandman. But when this Sandman is born in fire and blood, will he survive long enough to save himself? Or his embedded platoon?

A follow-up to the exceptional Sandman Mystery Theatre, storylines bounce back and forth in this mini-series, establishing a passing of the torch from a classic character to a new one. Time will tell if the change will “take” with readers.

Jerry Smith is a writer, video producer and sales rep living in the wilds of Burlington, KY. His parents bought him a few comics to page through at age four and he’s never looked back. Even after discovering girls. According to ComicBase, his collection today is pushing 20,000 books, with additions every week. A lover of the hobby and the entire comics medium, Jerry still feels that every Wednesday is like Christmas. Thoughts and comments are always welcome at

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