Sunday, July 3, 2022

Jerry Smith:

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The Long Chalkboard and Other Stories + Super Frat: Rush Week Collection


Genre: Comedy, Drama

Each of these whimsical short stories deals with the fears and frustrations of the baby boomer generation. Writer Jenny Allen’s prose is sparse, containing illustrations on each page by her husband and comic strip legend Jules Feiffer. “The Long Chalkboard” tells of a chalkboard and the generations of pleasure it gives several diverse families. In “What Happened,” a war between two children’s book authors leads to unexpected love. “Judy’s Wonder Chili” is about a woman with good intentions whose quirky personality and gourmet cooking is used by the media and the public for everything except making people feel better.

While these slices of life run from funny to bittersweet, Allen’s ultimate message is that sometimes, despite our best efforts… things can turn out all right.


When their frat house was struck by a meteor, the brothers at Lambda Sigma Rho woke up to find they had been blessed with super powers. Did they swear to use those powers for the truth, justice and the American way? Um, no. With a fraternity motto like “Drink beer, get laid, fight crime!” they seem to be interested in pursuits that may be more on the hedonistic side. Here, the misfit brothers stumble through several tales collected from their online comic strip (available at, plus one new story. Along the way, they manage to fight a piece of indestructible feces, hit Spring Break in Florida, and have a few laughs with the CIA.

Super Frat is bawdy, crude, and socially unacceptable. But they are definitely funny.

Not intended for children, the easily offended, or anyone with a modicum of good taste.

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