Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II + Avengers Next


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Genre: Super-heroes

Joe Casey’s first Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series was interwoven between the first two years of Stan Lee’s Avengers. This pulse-pounding sequel picks up directly after Avengers #58, just as the Vision has joined the team.

Casey chooses his story points perfectly, delving further into essential events in Avengers history—the Vision being investigated by the government and bonding with the team, Hank Pym’s slow breakdown resulting in the identity of Yellowjacket, and the Black Panther on the fringes of it all. Villains include the Death Tiger and an army of Super-Adaptoids. A nostalgic and effective examination of the Avengers’ past.


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Genre: Super-heroes

Set in the same future “What If?” universe as Marvel’s Spider-Girl, Avengers Next is the second generation of avenging heroes. Present members include American Dream, Spider-Girl, Stinger, J2, Bluestreak and former Thunderstrike Kevin Masterson. The story opens with the team questioning their own validity. Why do they exist? Does the world still need the Avengers? Unsurprisingly, some fans have asked the same questions. During this existential crisis, intruders Warp and Ulik the Unconquerable stomp into A-Next Headquarters, breaking stuff and kidnapping Kevin Masterson. Cue the team and bad-guy-turned-good (or has he?) Sabreclaw to discover and stop their nefarious plan. Will the mighty Avengers Next triumph? If you have to ask, you may need to read more comics.

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