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Jerry Smith:

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Raise the Dead


Genre: Action/Adventure, Adult, Crime

He’s baaaaaaaack! Last time we saw this nearly indestructible killer-for-hire, he and the Punisher had just taken turns brutalizing each other. Having left Barracuda gut-shot, minus several fingers and swimming in a pool of sharks, the Punisher thought he had won. He’d be wrong. Back in the ‘hood, Barracuda is up to his old tricks, taking what he wants and indulging his taste for cross-dressing “ladies” of the evening. He is quickly summoned by mob boss Christopher Angelone (drawn to more than slightly resemble actor Christopher Walken). Angelone has a job only Barracuda can accomplish: help his feeble, hemophiliac son murder a rival crime boss to “make his bones.”

Only Garth Ennis could make a comic this funny, offensive and enjoyable. With a load of mean-spirited violence and something to anger every social or ethnic group, the Barracuda is an equal opportunity offender.

Punisher Presentrs: Baracuda Max

Marvel, 2007


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