Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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The Unusual Suspects


Genre: Super-heroes, Anthology

It’s an anthology comic. It’s a benefit comic. It covers multiple genres and time periods. Yet it’s actually a good read. The Unusual Suspects is a one-shot special published to benefit The Hero Initiative, an organization set up to assist aging comic book creators in need. Framed around a writer and his friend talking in a diner, writer Dan Wickline leads readers through an imaginative mix of characters and worlds. As the writer describes some of his more outrageous recent ideas (with a skeptical waitress providing color), each story idea is illustrated by a different artist. And Wickline delivers some outrageous ideas. Murderous ex-presidents, a psychiatrist leading group therapy for monsters, clueless superheroes, tough-guy aliens, and gun-toting Amish farmers are all represented in Wickline’s reserved, tongue-in-cheek style. A fun book for a worthwhile cause.

The Unusual Suspects

Image, 2007


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