Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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Madman: Atomic Acomics


Genres: Super-Heroes

Who is Madman? An arch criminal who died and was given a second chance at life? A stitched-together monster who has brought nothing but grief to his friends and loved ones? A brightly-garbed, bouncing super-hero chock-full of witty quips? All of the above? After a long hiatus, Madman Atomic Comics features the return of Frank Einstein, A.K.A. Madman, comics’ most unusual hero. But Frank has changed. Now he’s a bit confused, trying to make sense of his origins and longing to find his place in the world. Madman has the power to touch a person and instantly know their darkest secrets. Too bad he has to discover his own secrets the hard way.

Madman Atomic Comics

Marvel, 2007


Jerry Smith is a writer, video producer and sales rep living in the wilds of Burlington, KY. His parents bought him a few comics to page through at age four and he’s never looked back. Even after discovering girls. According to ComicBase, his collection today is pushing 20,000 books, with additions every week. A lover of the hobby and the entire comics medium, Jerry still feels that every Wednesday is like Christmas. Thoughts and comments are always welcome at

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