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Jerry Smith:

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Painkiller Jane (Vol. 2)

Painkiller Jane (Vol. 2)

Genres: Crime, Super-Heroes

Undercover cop Jane Vasko didn’t ask for super powers. But when a covert gig went horribly wrong and she was forced to ingest a nasty drug cocktail, she got them. After waking up from her coma, Jane discovered she could recover from almost any injury—but still felt the pain. She instantly made it her business to make a whole lot of folks pay for what they had done. Now a driven vigilante, most of Jane’s conversations with the bad guys include bullets, bandages, or both.

Timed roughly to coincide with the Sci-Fi Channel’s Painkiller Jane TV series, Volume 2 of the ongoing comic starts with an explosive issue #0 and never stops dealing out the pain.


Painkiller Jane (Vol. 2)

Dynamite, 2007


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