Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jerry Smith:

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Omega Flight


Genres: Super-Heroes

In the wake of the events in Marvel’s Civil War mini-series, super-powered criminals are fleeing the U.S. by the van load. Their destination? Canada, naturally. And not just for the ice fishing. Super villains tend to hurt people and break things. The Canadian government is not amused, thus they take a tip from the U.S. and form a new state-sponsored super team to do some smiting of their own. Since Canada has never been overrun with super-heroes, the government does some outside recruiting—sometimes outside the solar system. The new Omega Flight consists of Sasquatch (the only surviving member of precursor team Alpha Flight), Spider-Woman, Beta-Ray Bill, the US Agent, and new characters taking the old Alpha Flight names of Guardian and Shaman.

Omega Flight, the new Canadian super-team. I bet they have a really clean headquarters.


Omega Flight

Marvel, 2007

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