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Avengers: The Initiative

Avengers: The Initiative

Genres: Super-Heroes

After Marvel Comics’ Civil War mini-series, the Marvel Universe is a changed place. Springing from that series is the Initiative, a government plan for training and tracking young heroes. Located on a military base in Stamford, Connecticut (where the seminal events of Civil War took place), the Initiative is lead by Yellowjacket, She-Hulk and other registered super-heroes. The Gauntlet, for example, is a no-nonsense drill sergeant and taskmaster who won’t settle for second best.

At first the heroes/recruits don’t take their training seriously, until events prove that the hero business is deadly serious… and so is their training. If they succeed, the new heroes become Avengers and join one of the fifty state teams. Failure could lead to dismissal—or much, much worse.

Winding down from a successful run on She-Hulk, writer Dan Slott hits the ground running with The Initiative. And this time, he’s not kidding around.

Avengers: The Initiative

Marvel, 2007


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