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Jerry Smith:

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Vengeance of the Vapor

Vengeance of the Vapor

Genres: Super-Heroes, Western

Mix together gritty spaghetti westerns, pulp heroes, and a dash of masked vigilante and the result would be something like Vengeance of the Vapor. Tin City, an old gold mining town, is home to some mean hombres—folks a little too rough for Sheriff Dillon Rogers. That’s why Rogers moonlights as the Vapor—a masked hero who stops villains the law can’t touch.

Our story opens with Vapor locked in mortal combat with Johnny Biehn and his Heavy Gang, fighting to protect the citizens of Tin City. When Biehn’s henchmen gain the upper hand, is it the end of the Vapor, will our hero survive to save the day? And are all the good super-hero names taken?

Vengeance of the Vapor

Markosia, 2007


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