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Jerry Smith:

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The Un-Men

The Un-Men

Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi

Where is the freakiest place on earth? On Earth Vertigo, it’s Aberrance, U.S.A.

A popular tourist destination, Aberrance is a town populated by folks who used to be condemned to sideshows in less enlightened times. The town leader is the macabre Dr. Von Schadel, who does further experiments on the grotesques in Aberrance, transforming them into his “un-men.” When resident Bertoldt the gill-boy is found murdered, the crime is investigated by Federal Agent Kilcrop, who describes himself as the government’s “token albino.” Although treated with deference by the citizens of Aberrance, Kilcrop soon uncovers too many dirty secrets for the comfort of the city fathers.

Can he close his case with betrayal around every corner, even from those he comes to trust most?

The Un-Men

Vertigo, 2007-2008


Jerry Smith is a writer, video producer and sales rep living in the wilds of Burlington, KY. His parents bought him a few comics to page through at age four and he’s never looked back. Even after discovering girls. According to ComicBase, his collection today is pushing 20,000 books, with additions every week. A lover of the hobby and the entire comics medium, Jerry still feels that every Wednesday is like Christmas. Thoughts and comments are always welcome at

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