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Metal Men (3rd Series)

Metal Men (3rd Series)

Genres: Super-heroes

Belonging distinctly to the Silver Age, the Metal Men have always been a bit too silly to be accepted by modern audiences. Writer/artist Duncan Rouleau experiments with the concept again, relaunching and updating the group. This time around, the team consists of metal men Gold, Mercury, Tin, Iron and Lead, joined by metal ladies Platina and Copper. Infused with the tributes of the metal they embody, Tin is thin, Gold is a softie, Iron a large tough guy, and so on. Rouleau manages to pack more concepts into this mini-series than entire runs of some ongoing books. The Metal Men must contend with mad scientists, ancient alchemists, evil robots named the “Death Metal Men,” and a time-travel plot meant to wipe out their very existence. Based on a concept by idea man Grant Morrison.

Metal Men (3rd Series)

DC, 2007-2008


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