Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:


A Golden Age of Hollywood undead, and Elvis is a god. What did you expect? It's all in a week's work for Brendan McGinley in his column, QuisQue Comoedum Est.


Strange Detective Tales: Dead Love

Is the Golden Age of Hollywood dead? Maybe, but Jesse Bausch and James Callahan seem to think it’s risen again to feed on the flesh of the living.

In Strange Detective Tales: Dead Love, the writer and artist team dips into the shining, golden sunset of Hollywood noir, and then digs that bastid out of its freshly laid grave for a danse macabre. What’s great is that despite the mess of truly hard-to-look at freaks (including one crispy, bubbly-fleshed burlesque girl that gives the shudders) and B-movie misfits, this is very human book. It nails that Chandler feeling about a world of broken people whose best days are behind them. Then, for fun, the stick it nails the feeling to happens to be a couple of (literally) wormy monster movie henchmen.

Callahan’s art might remind you of Geoff Darrow with the sparse linework that nevertheless yields rich textures, but it’s too idiosyncratic even for that. These two talents are only getting started. The backup story is equally touching, and the book includes some great pinups, too.





The King

Elvis a god?

Well, why not? Was he not idolized by millions of devout worshippers? Hath he not his holy sites of Graceland and Las Vegas, where the faithful may come to swear their loyalty?

Plus, when you think about it, he’s rumored to have risen from the dead, and there are scores of imitators claiming to be his second coming.

Yeah, Rich Koslowski, you’re onto something (with colors by Adam Wallenta) in this story of a reporter whose crisis of faith clashes with the apparent return of the once and future King.

It’s funny, it’s fun, and it’s got a lot of truisms in what’s ultimately a pretty pleasing redemption tale.


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