Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:


The Dick Ayers saga continues with an all-new volume out this week. ComicBase scribe Brendan McGinley gives us the briefing on this comics legend.


The Dick Ayers Story

Cramming a whole life, especially one that includes the storming of Normandy and any number of injuries and ailments, into a few books isn't easy, so accept that Dick Ayers’ autobiography is going to flash from scene to scene with a lot of expository dialogue and take it as an aside to you, the reader, what’s going on, rather than Dick casually explaining to his dates what’s new.

The first volume deals with childhood, the Air Force years and a post-war job search that’s largely heart-breaking for all its missed opportunities even while the author finds success through diligence. Volumes two and three (now out) track the pre-Marvel to Marvel days as one of comicdom’s most prolific illustrators.

Also, dames. Lots of dames!

Brendan McGinley is a long-time writer for ComicBase. His comic favorites include anything featuring Grim Jack, Punisher, Guy Gardner, Green Lantern, or written buy Evan Dorkin, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Deadpool… and the list goes on. But he insists he is of discriminating tastes.

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