Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

Creator Martin Kellerman’s Rocky the dog is played close to home: the story of an out-of-work cartoonist pining for the ex-girlfriends who broke his heart. Then, Slave Labor Graphics picks up the publication of the second Malinky Robot book.



Rocky’s a mostly out-of-work cartoonist bopping around the Stockholm club and party scene with his friends, pining for a couple of ex-girlfriends who broke his heart.

This probably has a lot in common with his creator and admitted counterpart, Martin Kellerman, but with the difference that Rocky’s a dog. They both get some great lines, whatever their species, and it’s a very fun journey following Rocky’s highs and lows.

The book balances Rocky’s often-sleazy lifestyle with enough self-awareness and self-loathing to keep the center from collapsing. Rocky pays for his transgressions and capitalizes on his opportunities. It’s an addictive story.





Malinky Robot

Two kids steal some bikes and go for a ride in the country to see their friend. But this is not the whole of our tale in this innovative, emotional, thoughtful book by Sonny Liew. There’s a marvelous piece of heartbreak told in the format of the Sunday funnies.

Sharp, sketchy, and sloppy as the detailed city in which it unfolds, Malinky Robot isn’t quite like any other book.

Its lasting emotional impression is like the final pages of the book itself, in which rain sprinkles on the end of a fine day with friends, a bit of quiet and solitude amidst a whirl of activity.


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