Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

Artist and author Keith Jones breaks conventional rules with the Fantagraphics-backed Bacter-Area. Then, Bill Griffith once again brings Zippy the Pinhead to press in Type Z Personality.




Like a lot of Drawn & Quarterly books, it’s a meticulously detailed, highly-stylized version of a basic drawing style, absent of narrative for sheer illustrative indulgence.

Artist Keith Jones does break form by putting in some comic book sequences, about an inter-dimensional agent and an aspiring politician, but these weave in and out of largely unconnected scenes that showcase his artistic talent.

Pretty esoteric, but with a bright, Easter-egg palette.





Zippy the Pinhead: Type Z Personality

If you asked Bill Griffith about his absurdist journey of a circus freak and the author’s alter ego through Americana, it’s a good bet he’d claim Zippy isn’t absurd; it’s the world. Zippy merely wants to ponder existence and puns in the transcendent bliss of the vanishing American diner, but chunks of less savory pop culture gristle keep floating up in the great American gravy.Not to mention all those shenanigans and goings-on with corrupt politicians.

To that end, Zippy pursues the same topics as many contemporary cartoonists, but in a different tack. By framing them in its own terms, Zippy highlights their innate absurdity and turns kitsch into a warm, contemplative retreat from the insanity of the world’s more ferocious developments.



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