Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

Steve Niles and Dan Wickline take the 30 Days of Night franchise into space in a long, slow burn of tension. Then, Dark Horse gives readers a taste of its wide line in the introductory Dark Horse New Recruits.


30 Days of Night: Dead Space

Some astronauts hold a press conference on the necessity of space exploration, go on a bender to celebrate tomorrow’s adventure (seriously?), dither about their launch window, and, as you might not expect from that build-up, one of them turns into a vampire and slaughters the rest of the crew. Presumably this is to do with a woman at the bar who invited him back to her place, except for one thing; he declined her advances and went home with the rest of his crew.

It’s a long, slow burn, and not in a really creepy way, to get to the ending, and you really have to wonder about a crew of astronauts that would go out drinking 10 hours before they hurl themselves out of the atmosphere. Slapping the “30 Days of Night” moneymaker on this book means writers Steve Niles and Dan Wickline no doubt intend to set a vampire loose on a space station (à la Aliens), where no sunlight will reach him, at least for awhile.








Dark Horse New Recruits

Humor, horror, sci-fi, existential despair, and Victorian paranormal detectives with a superhero sidekick. No one ever said Dark Horse didn’t cast a wide net.

The New Recruits release gives readers a taste of the talents laboring in their future. It’s also good fun in its own right. The lack of any of unifying element besides their authors’ nascent Dark Horse careers doesn’t jar from story to story, and it’s really quite an impressive contrast to go from a clean-line, animated style to a deeply graded, textured work of horror. Each story achieves its aim, be it the eerie motion of “Wild Talents,” or the ne’er-do-well world domination of “The Mighty Skullboy Army.”



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