Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

The self-conscious Tabloia, a series that sells on the premise of being too lurid to be true, now collects itself into The Lump trade paperback. Then, More than Sparrows delivers a sweet morality tale.


The Lump

Bold, thick Sharpie art by omni-creator Chris Wisnia defines this creepy-in-spite-of-all-the-humor tale couched in side jokes and fragmented timelines of plot. It’s crime, horror, scifi, humor… and a great joy to behold.

The Lump collects the serialized Tabloia, which treats its own story as an excessive tabloid collection of tales too lurid to be true, but nonetheless reveal only half the awful story in the gaps between the articles.

It’s rare to see this much earnest, honest effort by one person in comics anymore. Come on, feel the love. (Plus, the bizarre paranoia and unpunished crime.) It’s a genre unto itself.







More Than Sparrows

Sweet without being saccharine, optimistic without being naïve, More Than Sparrows is a short story about a man who’s incapable of doing wrong, and all the problems it brings him. He narrowly survives a car accident, pulls the driver out of the flaming wreck, and ends up in the hospital. When he wakes up, his girlfriend reveals there’s more to his injuries than simple circumstance.

A sweet morality tale that delivers its message without getting preachy.Jamie Cosley writes and draws.



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