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Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

Virgin comics brings a joint venture of talents from two continents in Snake Woman, the story of a young woman with some highly unconventional powers. Then, Comics Jam War 2006 gave creators 12 hours to draw a comic based on the cover of this anthology. A fun collection in the theme of other anthologies like 24 Hour Comics.


Snake Woman

Virgin Comics’ twin-market line arrives. Designed, as it says outright, for India’s 600 million teenagers, and taking aim at the U.S. market as a secondary thought, it draws talent from both countries, with Zeb Wells writing, and Michael Gaydos’ art receiving adequately moody colors from Sampath Kumar and I Jeyabalan.

Snake Woman is about a timid young lady, her vivacious roommate, the cute guy next door, and the charming yuppie possessed by a host of murderous demons. The ending feels a bit of a rough shave, though, when the Snake Woman reveal happens off-screen. Suspense is great, but a little more payoff would be appreciated.








Comics Jam War: There’s An Alien in the Comics Shop!

Three hundred creators were shown a picture on April 1, 2006, that would be used as the cover for this anthology. From the concept of a startled man dropping some comics and proclaiming there was, indeed, an alien in the comics shop, those creators were then given 12 hours to draw an eight-page, all-ages-appropriate story.

Artwise, the winning entries are pretty astonishing. Given the short timespan, eight complete pages is an excellent showing from these talents. The judges’ choices are almost all humorous, with one nice piece of sentimentality that inclines the reader to wish the art had measured up more.

An interesting concept, anyway.







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