Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Chip Zdarsky’s Monster Cops + Dead Sonja: She-Zombie with a Sword

Dead Sonja: She-Zombie with a Sword

Genre: Horror, Comedy

A satire that actually gets better with every page in both writing and art, Dead Sonja starts off as a fairly light, pun-based joke, and builds toward a neat, weird, little meta-fictional ending. As the basis for the jokes runs out, it feels a little padded at 48 pages, but at least it’s got great, energetic art to ogle (by three different artists) before writer Rob Potchak brings it home to rest. Assuming zombies ever do rest…


Chip Zdarsky’s Monster Cops

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Collecting the terrifically simple concept of Frankenstein’s Creature, Dracula and the Wolfman, reformed and serving their debt to society as dutiful officers of a medium-sized city. It could be cheesy, but Zdarsky keeps the humor high, the art and plotlines simple, and the heart fun. The monsters are each vulnerable in a way now that they’re trying to interact with human society, and Zdarsky wisely focuses on that.

Dracula takes center stage, probably because he’s the most human in appearance yet the most monstrous in concept. He gets framed in the first tale, tries to arrest classic bad girl Vampirella in the second, and helps out a pooch in the third. Frankenstein learns a lesson about self-esteem while fighting mobster ghosts in the final story. All in all, it’s good fun.

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