Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Utility Sketchbook + Wonderfool World

Wonderfool World

Genre: Underground, Pin-ups/Art book

David Sandlin hasn’t made what you’d call a sketchbook so much as a collection of premier art and some interview material, with squiggly inks and explosive color. Gender-bending, body-distortion and death are big themes here, with scenes that resemble the Sunday cartoon versions of epic Medieval biblical tapestries, or Bosch paintings of Hell. Except…y’know, cheerily marching to fate. A breast from Heaven or a spike from Hell, it’s all the same to Sandlin’s characters, who seem to celebrate having a fate rather than what it might be.

Utility Sketchbook

Genre: Underground, Pin-ups/Art book

The art is maybe deliberately bad, it shows a sense of space that belies the basic figures, but it is not the raw, sketchy style it appears to believe itself to be. The scenarios (mostly involving dogs) are dialogued well enough to be interesting, but with very little payoff. Dry humor would be the broadest and kindest term for it.

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