Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Civil War Poster Book + Civil War: The Confession

Civil War Poster Book

Genre: Super-hero, Sketchbook

Now this is some fine and dynamic art by Marvel’s top-tier talent. Oftentimes a book collecting art from the epic events of super-hero soap opera pluck scenes and covers off without context that leaves the viewer mapless, but this is pretty uniformly Avengers charging at the camera, thrilling in its own pinup shot. Occasionally there’s some idea of the scene, when a couple of opposing sides fight, which works fine as well. The colors are really the stars here. but man… as commericart collections go, this is one heavy-hitting collection. It can be enjoyed for its pure power without caring about the characters or reading the story.

Civil War: The Confession

Genre: Super-hero

It’s a Brian Michael Bendis script, so it’s what Bendis does best: keep his characters in one room for 22 pages and talk endlessly, but with that said… damn if it isn’t a fine tale. Two terrific tales, two conversations between Iron Man and Captain America, though it might have been better to put them in chronological order, with the briefer one first. Regardless, Alex Maleev slams home all the emotions burning in their faces and bodies. The always wonderful Jose Villarubia adds colors to the second tale. The real success of this book is in how completely it sells both sides of the debate. When it’s done, you completely fully support both sides of this storyline.

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