Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est


Gutsville + The Tripper


Genre: Fantasy

The title might suggest a Texas chainsaw splatterfest, but the reality is you have here a fascinating book with damned perfect art. A preternatural killer stalks a town that exists in the bowels of… well, if they’re lucky it’s only a whale. When it kills the city ratcatcher (a more perilous job than normal, given the rats in question), his son abandons artistic dreams to inherit the mantle. Simon Spurrier’s script is so tight it’s difficult to abridge, but some fascinating reading, and Frazier Irving makes it all worth staring at even without words.

The Tripper

Genre: Horror

Joe Harris’ and Nat Jones’ adaptation of this film has two flaws: for a horror story it’s not very horrifying, and for a killer who looks like Ronald Reagan, he really doesn’t look like Ronald Reagan. Add in the fact that his face is inexplicably hidden until the end (is that for tension? Because the whole hook of the premise is the murderer’s resemblance to the President). To its credit, it humanizes its characters on both the right and the left (as well as villainizing both camps), but there’s no great tension in the murders, and no valid reason why the killer’s supernaturally invincible.

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