Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Alien Pig Farm 3000 + Teddy Scares

Alien Pig Farm 3000

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Todd Farmer scripts a tale concocted by himself, Steve Niles, and Thomas Jane about a couple of good ol’ boys who, never meaning no harm, awaken cryogenically frozen alien villains while conducting their moonshine operation.

t’s fun, light-hearted and self-aware, the kind of story that disarms questions like the point of a bootleg hooch outfit post-prohibition, or where they got enough T&T to level Mount Rushmore. Between the B-movie subject matter, and the Don Marquez art, there’s a retro feel to this comic, reminiscent of the late 80s indie market, when publishers like Continuity or First were experimenting with better color printing than DC and Marvel used.

Teddy Scares

Genre: Horror, Licensed

Comics about licensed properties usually labor under the added burdens of quality control from the owner, and/or trying to push the products on which they’re based. What a lovely surprise, then, to read some quick and satisfying little tales about rejected teddy bears that live in the dump and indulge their fiendish (and often murderous) whims. Jim Hankins scripts, and a number of artists deliver some luscious interpretations of the characters in this anthology that introduces us to the Teddy Scares, then drums up aghast and sympathetic responses with some good humor thrown in.

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