Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Bonds + Piracy is Liberation


Genre: Super-hero

Bonds is a love story amid a suspenseful thriller about business and science run amok, all wrapped in some truly fresh settings for comics: a symphony orchestra. Writer/artist Durwin S. Talon’s (rotoscoped?) panels also bring a new and exciting look to the 4-color page, amid the bold decision to play to the power of sound in a purely visual medium.

In fact, the whole book is such a treat, that it’s really sort of a shame when the super-powers are introduced at the end of the first issue of what was a fully functional suspense tale. It demands further reading in either case.

Piracy is Liberation: Information Wants to Be Free

Genre: Sci-Fi

Now here’s an interesting book. There’s no point in improving on Warren Ellis’ pinpoint description of the art as Ben Templesmith combined with Brian Wood, (whose dystopian futures and rebellious teens also seem evident in the story), so here’s a rundown of the plot, with touches of Aeon Flux and The Matrix:

In a tightly controlled future, some hackers concoct a plan to bring down the system (like good hackers do). It treads familiar ground, but brings enough thoughtfulness and catchy phrasing to break out of the herd from pedestrian cyberpunk.

Writer/artist Mattias Elftorp pulls concepts out of thin air at a couple points, which might feel cheap if he didn’t premise everything that follows on them, thereby disposing of their apparent convenience by carrying them to the story’s end.

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