Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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TMNT: The Official Movie Adaptation + DinoWars: Extinction Files

TMNT: Official Movie Adaptation

Genre: Super-hero, Licensed

To be honest, if this is a faithful movie adaptation, there’s going to be a lot of bewildered kids in the audience. The art by Diego Jourdan, Cristian Gonzales and Juan Saavedra is terrific, and the story holds up well in light of the prequels, but just reading this book cold is pretty bewildering, with all the backstory for each character in full swing at the start. At least it’s addressed in the culmination of story as resolution for each of the characters, because it’s still pretty nuts to read a stand-alone TMNT feature that starts with Raphael in disguise, Leonardo absent, April and Casey not only dating but having relationship problems, and more.

The story opens with the wrong elements in motion, so that addressing the central conflict feels secondary to the vigilantism, spiritual quests, and other faltering relationships that feel like imbalances to be fixed rather than status quo that could be improved.

DinoWars: Extinction Files

Genre: Sketchbook

A guide to the characters, costumes and cannonade of Rod Espinosa’s “DinoWars,” it provides some great eye candy, computer effects and colors. A pretty strong manga bent (it is an Antarctic Press book, after all) that should please even non-manga lovers. Lots of size comparisons, technical specs, and biographies are to be found herein, from ghastly weapons to monstrous foes, to adorable little dinosaur scientists. It does a good job raising interest in the actual book; the only catch is the audience for a release like this is the kind of completist who already has every other issue.

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