Sunday, July 3, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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Highwaymen + Madame Mirage

Madame Mirage

Genre: Super-hero

The glamorous, shapeshifting (among other powers) Madame Mirage and her carrier-class cleavage take on big business and mercenary super-powers by assassinating them both. It’s got intrigue and it’s probably not as retro-noir or glam as writer Paul Dini seems to be striving for, but it’s a solid start. Kenneth Rocafort’s art is worthy of a lingering gaze, like Bill Plympton mimicking the Top Cow house style. Still, Mirage has her opponents so outclassed from the start it does just tend to feel mean sometimes. Sure, they’re the bad guys, but she’s the one shooting them in the back and crashing them into jet planes unprovoked and unhindered.


Genre: Action-Adventure

A few years from now, a security breach calls two of America’s greatest heroes out of retirement—even if America doesn’t want them back. Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman script a precise tale that’s admirably long-legged in the closure between panels. Lee Garbett’s decidedly Quitely-influenced pages know how to capture the action, and Jonny Rench’s colors deliver caring final touches right down to the detailing. A cool book, if it can pull the alluded-to ace out of its sleeve. How long does Wildstorm have to keep making comics what they ought to be till this imprint gets the credit it deserves? 

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