Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

Quisque Comoedum Est

Squa Tront: The EC Comics Magazine + Vowels

Squa Tront: The EC Comics Magazine

Genre: Nonfiction

An assemblage of vintage interviews, analyses, background with the stable of talent that made EC Comics so successful with a bevy of crime, horror and sci-fi comics, and of course the break-out MAD. This book also tracks the careers of those writers, artists and staff at other publications, such as Harvey Kurtzman’s career at Playboy.

Obviously a publication for the hardcore enthusiast, Squa Tront nevertheless reveals interesting facts, such as Woody Allen’s appearance in a Help! fumetti comic, Gloria Steinem’s role in recruiting talent while employeed as an assistant at same, and Terry Gilliam’s residence in Kurtzman’s attic.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Cut!

Genre: Horror

An indie film crew making a chainsaw murder film explains their technique of juxtaposing educational butchery films with their own original footage, and before long, life is imitating post-modern art.

A surprisingly terrifying comic book scripted by Vertigo editor Will Pfeiffer and drawn by Stefano Raffaele. The team keeps most of the murderous blows off-panel, letting the reader commit the actual act of murder, then jumps forward with ensuing panels to show the vindictive madness of a murderer who keeps on attacking his victims long after they’re dead.

Grotesquely unrecognizable remains seal the squeal.

Brendan McGinley is a long-time writer for ComicBase. His comic favorites include anything featuring Grim Jack, Punisher, Guy Gardner, Green Lantern, or written buy Evan Dorkin, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Deadpool… and the list goes on. But he insists he is of discriminating tastes.

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