Monday, December 6, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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Mark Arnold reviews Dr. ID + Dr. DeBunko

Dr. Id

Dr. ID is a subtle parody of the type of material Marvel Comics and Charlton Comics put out in the 1970s. References at the beginning of every story make it seem like this is reprinted material, citing a stories’ original appearance in such fictional titles such as Law and Disorders, Psychological Thrills, Reward and Punishment, etc. to give each story the flavor that these are classic reprints when in actuality it is all new material. Mystery and suspense material such as this dominated comic books for a time in the early to mid-70s, but is somewhat of a forgotten genre today. Worth a look for fans and for those willing to discover a tribute to what was.

Dr. DeBunko

Fans of Wolf and Byrd: Supernatural Law take note, this series falls along the same line and should be an enjoyable reading experience. Apparently, these are stories that are rumored to have been true and Dr. DeBunko is there to explain the truth. There is even a reference given in case the reader is interested in doing further research. The stories originally appeared in a magazine called the Tabloia Weekly Magazine and are compiled together here for the very first time.

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