About Comic Collector Converter 2.6


What This Program Does

If you have been using AbleSoft/MMIís Comic Collector to track your comic collection, you may have encountered a nasty surprise when trying to move your data into other programs. Neither version of Comic Collector supports any sort of "export" or "Save As" to allow you to transfer your dataóinstead, the best you can do is to "Print" your Collection Inventory report to a file. This allows you to get your collection into text format, but the resulting file is too jumbled to import into other spreadsheets or databases (including ComicBase).

This program sifts through the saved Collection Inventory reports generated by Comic Collector, and reformats them into standard, database-style records. Specifically, this program will:


What It Canít Do

Although the program will faithfully convert any issue information it reads, it canít perform miracles. It canít fill in missing fields such as cost. It also may be unable to match up very odd titles, or those which Comic Collector splits into "Golden Age" and "Regular" periods. Finally, it makes no attempt to match up the arbitrary issue designations assigned by Comic Collector (e.g. "16A" which might indicate the "Gold" edition of issue #16) to whatever the equivalent might be in ComicBase.

We also urge all users to check the conversion log file to make sure that your old names for the converted titles match those in ComicBase.

Using Comic Collector Converter

Before running the program, using your current copy of Comic Collector to save a Collection Inventory report to disk.

To create an inventory report file, first choose "Generate Reports & Lists" from the main menu (These screen shots are from the original version of Comic Collector 2.0. Your screens may look somewhat different.)

Then choose "Inventory Report" from the Reports & Lists menu:


If youíre using Comic Collector 1.0, or the original version of Comic Collector 2.0

Use the following settings when generating your inventory report,and save the resulting report as a text file (e.g. "Issues.txt")



If youíre using the newer version of Comic Collector 2.0:

Use the following settings (these are the defaults: do not add or remove fields from the Comic Fields to Print), and save the resulting file as a text file (e.g. "Issues.txt").

If youíre using Comic Collector 3.0:

Use the default settings for printing the report--do not add or remove fields from the Comic Fields to print. Save the resulting file as tab-separated text file (e.g. "Issues.ttx")


Converting the File

Once youíve saved your report, launch Comic Collector Converter and click "Convert a File"

Youíll be prompted first for the file to convert, then for the name to save the converted file under. The converter will then begin processing the file. When it is done, you can import the resulting text file into ComicBase, or another spreadsheet or database.


Using the Converted Data in ComicBase

Once you've converted your Comic Collector inventory, you can import it into ComicBase. To do so, launch ComicBase, and select the Import Price List command from the File menu. When prompted, choose the file you've just converted. Move the following fields from the Available Fields list to the Import Fields list: Comic Title, Issue Number, Quantity in Stock, Condition, Cost, Price Year 1, Price Year 2, Price Year 3, Price Year 4, Selling Price, Notes. Once you've done this, the Import Price List window should look like this:

Important Note: Itís critical that you choose the "Import Fields" in the order exactly as shown. Otherwise, ComicBase will put your imported data in the wrong places.

Be sure to set the "Lines to skip at beginning" as 1, to skip over the column headers in the converted file.

The import process will take some time to run and may interrupt you occasionally to ask you how to handle a certain title that ComicBase may not recognize. See the ComicBase manual for full details on this. Importing your comics into ComicBase is a one-time activity, but it can be just distracting enough that itís best done while watching a ball game on TV.

For More Information

For information about printing or saving your Comic Collector files, please consult your Comic Collector documentation. For any questions about this converter, feel free to contact Human Computing technical support at: support@comicbase.com

Öor reach us by phone at (408) 266-6883.