Installing the Update:

This updater will automatically find your old version of ComicBase 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, or 4.0.3, and update it to ComicBase 4.0.4. Please note that the search for old versions may take several minutes.

If you're running ComicBase 4.0.2 or earlier, use the ComicBase Reports Updater (available on the Human Computing web site) to update the price list report to the most current version.



Changes from Previous Versions:

Changes from ComicBase 4.0.3


Changes from ComicBase 4.0.2


Changes from ComicBase 4.0.1


Changes from ComicBase 4.0

It also adds one small new feature to ComicBase: the ability to register it online using our ComicBase Registration Page. To do this, use the "Register ComicBase Online" command under the Help menu.

User Guide Corrections

  1. "Pictures"
  2. The first letter of the publisher name (e.g. "M" for Marvel)
  3. The publisher name (e.g. "Marvel")
  4. If the publisher is Marvel or DC, add next the first letter of the title name (since these publishers have published too many titles to fit into a single level of directory). E.g. "X" for "X-Men (1st Series)
  5. If desired, make a folder named the same as the titleóotherwise, just put the picture file here named after the title. If you choose a folder, the scans for the individual issues go inside

For example, a scan for Sensational Scarlet Spider would go be named:

<Your ComicBase Folder>\Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Sensational Scarlet Spider

More elaborately, if you were to put in scans for all four of the issues of Kingdom Come, they would be stored as:

<Your ComicBase Folder>\Pictures\D\DC\K\Kingdom Come\1

<Your ComicBase Folder>\Pictures\D\DC\K\Kingdom Come\2

<Your ComicBase Folder>\Pictures\D\DC\K\Kingdom Come\3

<Your ComicBase Folder>\Pictures\D\DC\K\Kingdom Come\4



Compatibility Issues and Troubleshooting: