ComicBase 3.0.3 Release Notes

Special thanks to all the people who tested preliminary versions of this release and sent in bug reports and feature suggestions.

Changes from ComicBase 3.0.2

  • When you create (or import) a new issue and give it the same number as an existing issue, ComicBase now automatically copies down price, notes, and other information. This makes adding multiple copies of issues in different grades much easier than before.
  • ComicBase now automatically updates issue prices when you change conditions from the grids in the Issues window or prices view. It also allows you to automatically update issue pricing when you quick change an issue's condition.
  • Improved the keyboard navigation of the issue entry grids.
  • The pointer now changes to a hand when you are over hypertext in a title description.
  • Added three new options to File Tools (under the File Menu):
    1. Remove Extraneous NM issues: If you import comics in conditions other than near mint, you may have noticed that ComicBase will maintain both the original NM record, as well as other comics you import of the same issue, in different grades. This option can be used to automatically delete those extra NM issues with zero quantity if another copy of the same issue exists in a different grade.
    2. Remove Mature Readers Titles: This automatically deletes all reference to titles marked "Mature Readers Only."
    3. Foreign Currency Conversion: This will convert all price and cost fields in ComicBase to their equivalent values in another currency. For instance, you could automatically convert the values to their equivalents in Canadian dollars or British pounds.
  • The issue pricing that ComicBase suggests when you make changes to grade or do currency conversion is now done according to a rounding table instead of straight decimal arithmetic. For instance, an issue worth $1.95 in Near Mint would previously have been priced at $0.98 in Fine condition. Now, it would be priced at a round $1.00. The rounding goes by the nearest nickel for low-priced comics, and graduates to the nearest $100 for very expensive (> $3,000) books.

    Note that all pricing suggestions ComicBase makes can be overridden by typing in exact prices. Also, exact arithmetic is used when calculating the value (not the selling price) of your collection.

  • When you Find Comics and only one issue is found that matches, you are now brought directly to that issue, instead of having to choose it from a list.
  • Fixed the tab orders of several dialogs.
  • Fixed an erroneous error message that occurred when importing with blank fields, as well as several minor glitches in the import process.
  • ComicBase previously had trouble working with titles whose name contained a straight quote character (" ' "). This problem has been removed. In any case, it's typographically more correct to use curved quote marks, but Windows makes these characters hard to type. Note that you can use the Character Map accessory (in your Start Menu) to enter these (and other hard-to-type) characters.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause Export Price list to have trouble drawing its progress window.
  • ComicBase now disallows quotation marks in the user name or company name when you register. These characters could cause trouble when printing reports. A curved quote is substituted.
  • Fixed a few problems that could occur when printing price labels.
  • Made printing price lists and labels dramatically faster when "List only issues in stock" is checked.