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ComicBase DX Laser Scanner Setup

ComicBase DX setup guide (pdf)


Manhattan Barcode Scanner Quick Setup Guide

This guide is ONLY intended for users of ComicBase for setup with their Manhattan Contact CCD Barcode Scanners. If you are using a different type of barcode scanner, please contact your manufacturer for instructions.

Setting Up Your Manhattan Contact CCD Barcode Scanner

To begin, connect your scanner to any open USB port on your computer or monitor. Then, scan in the configuration codes below. You will only need to use this configuration once after you have hooked up your scanner.

Download a .pdf version of this Quick Setup (83 kb)


Going Quickly to Any Comic in ComicBase (All Versions)

1. Use the Edit menu’s Jump Command (Ctrl + J) to bring up the Jump dialog.
2. Scan your comic’s barcode into the Jump dialog. This will take you to the exact issue that your comic is from. The issue will already be highlighted.

Adding Many Comics to your Inventory AT ONCE (ComicBase 11 Archive and Professional Only)

Use the Batch menu’s Add to Inventory command (Ctrl + I):

1. Scan the barcodes of comics you want to add into the Add to Inventory dialog.

2. Click on any item in the list to change its quantity, cost, or condition.

3. When you are done entering your comics, click the Save button to add them to your inventory.

Selling Comics Using ComicBase(ComicBase 11 Archive and Professional Only)

To sell your comics, use the Batch menu’s Sell Comics command (F9).

1. Scan the barcode of the comic you want to sell into the line at the top of the dialog.

2. Click the Sell button in the lower right-hand corner when you are done.

Still have questions about your Manhattan barcode scanner? Try these Frequently Asked Questions about the product.

Download a .pdf version of this support page (153 kb).