Saturday, October 16, 2021

Addicted to Comics:

Black Heart Irregulars, The Winter Men + G.I. Spy

Intrigue, suspense, mysteries and espionage. Addicted to Comics columnist Andy Richardson sends off our readers with a set of three intense, action-packed thrillers for the holidays.

Selfish Thoughts:


Joseph Self shares his thoughts on this lavish reprinting of Barry Windsor-Smith's beautifully illustrated autobiography from Fantagraphics, spanning over three decades of classic comics art.

Rob Salkowitz:

The Golden Bookshelf

Bill Ward's blonde bombshell of the 40s set the stage for his later fame as a cheesecake artist for Playboy. Rob Salkowitz takes us to revisit this inimitable series in Innovation's 1992 collected edition.

Real Heroes:
Top 50 Animated Series of the Millennium

How well do you know your cartoon history? Mark Arnold shows his chops in this expansive list of his choices for the best TV cartoons in history.

Pete Bickford’s

Release Notes

ComicBase Updates, birthday bake-offs, Legomania, and dynamic renovations. There's been a ton of stuff happening at the Human Computing office and creator Pete Bickford's Release Notes is your exclusive ticket to a behind-the-scenes look at it all…

Mou on the Verge:
Dallas McCoy + Gun Candy

Gun-toting babes, super stars, and cars. Thomas Moudry dispenses the details on Dallas McCoy: Star Struck and the Gun Candy flipbook. What more could you ask for in this week's selection from Mou on the Verge?

Quisque Comoedum Est:
Mome + 24 Hour Comics All-Stars

Stickboy returns after a decade-long hiatus and The Unexpurgated Tale of Lordie Jones gets some laughs from a story about a boy who tries to cheat the Tooth Fairy. ComicBase Writer Brendan McGinley takes a look at a few alternative comics currently on the market.

The Way of the Editor:

Paper Shaping

By and gone is the era of the paper toys — or is it?

Rich Fragiacomo, Guest Columnist:

Tales of the Teen Titans

ComicBase user Rich Fragiacomo shares his compendious knowledge of Teen Titan history in his informative review.

George Haberberger:

Superman Red and Superman Blue

Guest columnist George Haberberger aims to take Mort Weisinger down a few pegs with this scathing story of his “Red and Superman-Blue” experience. George remarks, “This is a piece I wrote a several years ago when rumors spread about a new Superman Red/Superman Blue story. It conveys my feelings about the Mort Weisinger era.”