Reminder: ComicBase 2017 (and earlier) Mobile Support To End October 30th

If you're still using a dusty old ComicBase 2017 (or earlier) version of ComicBase, you'll need to upgrade soon in order to retain remote backup and mobile support. We're retiring some of the antiquated interfaces used by those old versions of ComicBase at the end of the month, as part our server modernization and security update.

After October 30th, those old versions of ComicBase will no longer be able to access our cloud services, including posting items for sale to Atomic Avenue, saving to the cloud, and creating mobile reports.

If you're still using a full version of ComicBase 2017 or earlier, check your Registrations page for renewals and upgrades to the current version of ComicBase; ComicBase FREE users can simply download the latest version of that program directly.

Introducing ComicBase 2021 (and ComicBase 4K Archive Edition!)

This brand new ComicBase 2021 is here! -- packed with information on over 950,000 comics, fully-updated pricing, and improved collection-management features and reports to let you more easily track your collection and its value.

We're also introducing the new ComicBase 4K Archive Edition, featuring tens of thousands of covers upgraded to full 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution, as well as the ability to download new and upgraded covers every week in up to 4K resolution.

Check out the What's New page to find out everything that's new--and get your copy today!

ComicBase Livestream #65: I Didn't Know it Could Do THAT

It's the ComicBase Livestream! Your best source to learn all the ins-and-outs of using the world's #1 program for managing comic collections!

 In this show, we'll be talking about some of the more unexpected things you can do with the program, as well as discussing the best way to share tips and tricks with the next generation of ComicBase users. Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford as he shares his own ideas on this, gets your suggestions, and also answers all your other ComicBase questions live! Join us for all the fun at 4pm Central this Wednesday.

ComicBase Livestream #64: Obligatory Fight Scene

It's the ComicBase Livestream! Where we talk comics, ComicBase, and the odd bits of culture. But most importantly, ComicBase creator Pete Bickford will be on hand to answer your questions live! Join us for all the fun back at our regular time of 4pm Central this Wednesday.

ComicBase Livestream #63: New Toys

NOTE: Special Early Time for this Livestream!

On this Livestream, we're looking forward to some of the new gadgets that are coming our way this fall season--from the latest ComicBase releases, to Windows 11, and newer, faster versions of everything from SSDs to memory. And of course, the bulk of the show is here to answer your questions about everything comics- and ComicBase related.  Join us there at a special early time (Pete has to hit the road right after the show!).

ComicBase Livestream #62: Must Go Faster!

Summer's over, and it's time to pick up the pace! Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford as he shares the latest news about ComicBase, answers your questions about all things comics and ComicBase-related, then races back to work to try to keep up with the torrent of tasks that've piled up during the past week while he's been remodeling his place down in Florida.

ComicBase Livestream #61: A Nice, Peaceful Livestream

Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford as he shares a bit of news, then answers as many of your questions as he possibly can (including that Storylines question he forgot to hit on the last Livestream!). The party starts at 4pm Central on Wednesday--don't be late!

ComicBase Livestream #60: Trapped in a World He Never Made

So... anything happen this week? 
If you tend to gaze at the universe and feel the stirrings of a profound sense of absurdity, please join ComicBase's Pete Bickford for our weekly livestream. There, we can escape the cares of the real world together, and instead talk about comics, collecting, and how to get ComicBase to do that one strange thing that you're sure would make everything all better if you could just figure it out. 
So join us at 4pm Central this Wednesday, bring your questions, and we'll do our best to make sense of it all.

ComicBase Livestream #59: Hulk Out!

It's another (nearly) all-viewer questions Livestream with ComicBase creator Pete Bickford answering as many of your queries about live, ComicBase, and everything as possible. (And maybe this time, if we can stop Pete from going on too many tangents, we might actually get through the list!) Join us at 4 to get in on the fun!