Now Available: ComicBase v21.0.4 (Build 1909)

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from the Registrations page.

To Update: Just download and run the ComicBase Setup program again. The new setup will automatically update you to the current version--this will not affect your data.

Changes from v21.0.2 (Build 1165)

  • New Item Variations are now created to handle variations in excess of the 26th variant (e.g. the "Z" variant). After that point, variations will now be numbered as V27, V28, and so forth. This means we no longer will be abusing the "printing" field to deal with those rare comics which come with dozens of store and other special versions. Note that for the two dozen or so comics this applies to, you may need to reassign your comics' variation code to get pricing updates, as we'll be shifting those comics to the new labelling scheme.
  • Radically faster barcode searching (e.g. Add by Barcode), thanks to some new index optimizations. The first time you run this update, your database indexes will be updated to the new system
  • Appearances are now included for Books
  • Using "List Items" when Current Value is selected in the Collection Statistics breakdown now works properly when searching non-NM values.
  • Doing a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists / Item Information now performs a notes clean-up which tries its best to standardize various formatting issues (e.g. "1:Spider-Man" becomes "1st appearance of Spider-Man"; "Reg Buscema cover" becomes "Regular Buscema cover" etc. It also does its best to remove redundant notes. It also now validates the date fields in the associated title tables. This can help if you've had any trouble having your database information appear in ComicBase Mobile.
  • Tightened up the Print and Custom Fields setup dialogs to them friendlier to folks with short (small laptop) screens
  • Fixed a problem searching for titles containing a "%" sign
  • Fixed an issue which might cause the database to be unable to determine the current ratio of your local currency's value to the US Dollar, when running the database in non-USD currency on a foreign system. As a result of this fix, this version does a reset of pricing flags for non-USD databases the first time this version is launched, which will force the database to recheck each item's value the next time an update is downloaded, in case some price changes weren't properly reflected in the local currency before.
  • You should no longer be prompted for activation if you're unable to make a connection to the ComicBase servers on an already-activated copy of ComicBase.