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Andy Richardson:

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The Punisher is behind bars and women are falling out of the sky. Are these the signs of an upcoming apocalypse or just some unusual comic title premises? Join ComicBase columnist Andy Richardson for the low-down on the new Luna Brothers project Girls and the Garth Ennis penned Punisher: The Cell.

Punisher: The Cell


The Punisher behind bars?

That’s how this story begins, but almost as surprising as the vigilante finally being imprisoned is the fact that he turned himself in.

Why would the Punisher choose to be locked up with some of the world’s hardest criminals at Riker’s Island Penitentiary?

Naturally, he needs to have a private meeting with some of those criminals — men who rule the prison from within its very cells. Frank Castle needs to speak with five old criminals who share a special history, and a deadly secret. And after he’s had a chance to talk with them, his next step will be to do the thing he does best.

This grim and well-written tale by Garth Ennis portrays the Punisher not just as a force of violence, but as the bitter and vengeful man he’s always been. The shadowy and cinematic art by Lewis LaRosa and Scott Koblish fits in perfectly with the prison setting. The MAX Comics one-shot pulls no punches and softens no dialogue.




Young convenience store worker Ethan doesn’t understand women, at least not the three-dimensional kind that walk and talk.He can’t tell when they’re flirting with him, and he definitely can’t tell when they’re not.

His confusion comes to a head one night when, lonely and frustrated, he lashes out cruelly at everyone he knows — the kind of thing that draws attention in the small town he lives in.

Angry and embarrassed, he’s at a total loss when he meets and rescues a new woman: mute, naked, and enshrouded in mystery… and danger.

There’s a mystery going on in this series, but there’s also a great deal of humor, relationship commentary, and some lovely art and dialogue by the Luna Brothers.

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