Monday, December 6, 2021

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Devil's Due and Alias revive camp characters Evil Ernie and the 10th Muse in a couple new titles to call their own. Cassie Hack and Evil Ernie’s paths cross when Cassie pursues a trail of murders to his lair, but will Ernie's strange reception prove the end of Cassie's quest? And the divine exile Emma, aka the Tenth Muse, finds things a little too exciting trying to juggle the demands of a divine heritage with a regular life. Tune in for Andy Richardson’s Addicted to Comics column every week for your fix on the latest recommendations!


Cassie Hack is a woman on a mission: to destroy serial killers wherever she finds them. It’s hard to blame her for her single-mindedness, after all she was nearly killed by one — her mother.

The murders of a number of exotic dancers attract Cassie’s attention, and bring her into conflict with one of the most twisted killers ever. She might get more than she bargained for when squaring off with Evil Ernie, though, because he thinks he’s found his soul mate at long last.

Humor, sex, violence, and a heroic monster with a chainsaw — that’s comic book entertainment. This one-shot features the best and worst of both characters, Cassie and the former Lady Death sparring partner. The grisly story is by Tim Seeley and drawn appropriately by Aadi Salman.








Exiled daughter of the Greek gods, the Tenth Muse — she prefers to go by Emma, the human form she occupies recently — isn’t too thrilled by her lot in life.

She can neither love nor forgive her father, Zeus, who tried to kill her. She can’t trust her mother, Hera, who saved her. And she knows she wants no part of her sister, Melpomene, who is sworn to destroy her.

But although she doesn’t much care for her life, she is still determined to do the right thing — which for now means working with grim Ares, saving bright Apollo, and maybe trying to resume the normal life she had before she found out who she was.

This fast-paced and complex storyline mixes Greek mythology with straightforward action-adventure, not to mention a decent number of beautiful women kicking butt. The series is by Darren Davis and Alex Amezcua.




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