Monday, December 6, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Andy Richardson shares the 101 on the continuing Marvel trend of revisiting long-standing titles for younger audiences with the Marvel Adventures flip collections that give you two comics for the price of one.


Peter Parker has been married, cloned, and gone through a whole lot of personal changes over the years, but at his heart, he is still the young man with a host of problems and stresses that putting on his Spider-man costume can’t completely take him away from.

Writer J. Michael Straczynski’s popular take on the character cut away some of the extraneous stuff and brought the character “back to basics” — the first issue of his run, drawn by John Romita Jr., is reprinted here.

Fittingly, the double-sized flipbook also reprints the first issue of Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 2), which features a young woman with a chip on her shoulder who just might be the heir to the Spider-Man legacy. Arana’s initial adventure by Fiona Avery and Mark Brooks plays on the “with great power comes great responsibility” theme.








Everybody knows who Spider-Man is. Newer and younger comic readers might not know how he got that way.

This retelling of Spider-Man’s origin shows how nerdy, picked-on Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly didn’t have to worry about bullies anymore. Unfortunately, he finds himself with a host of new problems, not the least of which includes the tragic lesson that with great power comes great responsibility.

Kitty Fross and Patrick Scherberger update the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko classic with a tale as fraught with emotion now as it was originally.

This double-sized flipbook also includes a Fantastic Four adventure geared toward younger readers, by Akira Yoshida and Carlo Pagulayan.

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