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Dr. Doom narrates his own version of the past in the Marvel mini-series, the Books of Doom. And minor X-Men characters get their dues in the collected trade paperbacks of the X-Men Vignettes.


Books of Doom

Most longtime Marvel readers are familiar with the basic origin of Dr. Doom. He holds a longtime grudge against the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards for an explosion that left him disfigured when the two were college acquaintances, and has carried that grudge throughout his various plans for world domination.

Those plans, of course, have often been thwarted by the Fantastic Four. Doom’s history, however, is much richer than has ever been explored — until now. This series, narrated by Doom himself, offers a much deeper version of the events that have shaped Victor Von Doom, from his difficult childhood up through today.

Since this story is through Doom’s eyes, it’s hard to be sure how accurate the narrative is. That uncertainty does little to reduce its compelling nature. Ed Brubaker writes the miniseries and Pablo Raimondi and Mark Farmer draw it with depth and intensity.






X-Men: Vignettes

The X-Men universe features a rich and varied tapestry of characters — so much so that it’s hardly surprising that half of Marvel’s comic books seem to have “X” in the titles.

This trade paperback collection of stories originally presented in the Classic X-Men comic showcases a number of the minor characters that have made the franchise so diverse.Lilandra, Queen of the Shi’ar; Corsair, Starjammer pirate; Banshee, Sean Cassidy; and even villains like Magneto take on starring roles in these short solo adventures.

Lest fans of the core X-Men characters worry, fear not: Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus also take start turns here. Each story is written by legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and drawn by John Bolton.




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